Episode | #058

When you’re vulnerable to family you’ll do anything for family

“You have a young man and he says he’s this, OK let him be that. You don’t have to change a person’s belief system. Because the gang culture teaches you, you protect what you believe.”

A student with a 4.0 grade average does not seem like a student in danger. But we’ve heard countless times ­ about how where you live determines risk. Many of these teens who attend the United Community Center ­ on Milwaukee’s south side live amidst pockets of gang activity. But because they live there ­ especially the ones with at least one supportive adult in their life ­ they have the power to help those around them. Former gang member, Jose Vasquez teaches them how.

Jose Vasquez often shares his story with youth near W Orchard St & S 22nd St. He survived a gang related shooting there when he was 17 (EmilyForman).

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