Episode | #031

What Young People Know About Guns

In Wisconsin, lots of kids get early exposure to guns. At outdoor stores you can get pint-size pink rifles to teach kids how to hunt. But sometimes kids get hold of guns illegally, usually from friends or family. Sometimes they hurt themselves — or each other. Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism reporters Kate Golden and Sean Kirkby walked through the metal detectors of a Boys and Girls Club in the Allied Drive neighborhood, near Madison, Wisconsin. That’s seen more than its share of crime, to ask the kids what they know about guns.

Youth at the Allied Drive Boys and Girls Club talk in April 2015 about their experiences with guns. From right to left, Monteara Jones, 13; Taquirria Smith, 12; and Taylor Marbley, 11. (Photo by Kate Golden, Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism)

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