Episode | #070

Unwavering love in the Sherman Park community

I always think that the city wears its issues on its sleeve. And in the suburbs, it's harder to know people sometimes. I feel like there's more transparency in proximity, which I think a good thing. I think it’s healthier for people to live and figure out how to be vulnerable to each other and how to be real with each other.”

Laura Richard Marshall and Greg Marshall moved from the suburbs to raise their family in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood. This dismayed some of their acquaintances, who couldn't get beyond the neighborhood’s crime statistics. But the stats are only a small part of the neighborhood. Laura and Greg have found a loving, tight-knit community in Sherman Park. While they see their neighborhood’s challenges, they also see everything their family is gaining by being there.

Laura and Greg Marshall are teaching their daughters that love is most profound when it’s messy and complicated.

CREDIT: Courtesy of the Marshall family.  

You can read more about the Marshall Family's experience on Laura's Blog

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