Episode | #037

The Price of Doing the Right Thing

“I feel that I did do the right thing, I did the only thing. I had a choice to make and I made the right decision, just like my son had a choice to make. He made the right decisions. We can see the price sometimes for doing the right thing can be very very very costly.”

In June of 2007, 24-year-old Maurice V. Pulley Jr. was shot in the face over a parking dispute, and survived. He received threats and bribes to not show up in court. He decided to testify, and was murdered during the trial. This incident launched the Maurice V. Pulley Jr. Witness Protection Program, which still exist today. Resources for victims help, but as Maurice Pulley Senior will tell you, when you testify you pay a high price.

Photo: Maurice Pulley Sr. stands in front of the plaque for the witness protection program that was created in honor of his son, Maurice Pulley Jr. Courtesy of Milwaukee District Attorney’s Office.

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