Episode | #090

The Playoffs

Uhh at that age, I was real disciplined. I had made out a regimen. Get up at 6 in the morning do 50 push ups, do 60 pull ups. Run the stairs. Lunchtime. Eat big. Shoot 100 shots. Shoot 200 jumpers. And it run all the way up to 6 o'clock.” -Eric Moore

This is the final episode of a three part series following a young basketball team. At 13 and 14 years old - these players are dealing with a lot more than basketball drills. They lost a teammate last year: 13 year old Giovonnie Cameron, who was shot and killed within the first week of the season. In this episode, we’ll pick up where we left off: just weeks before the championship game, the team is undefeated.

Photo credit: Calvin Mattheis, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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