Episode | #098

The Next Chapter of Precious Lives

"Regardless of the audience demographic I can tell them something that they may not have thought about.”

At the end of 2016, Precious Lives will shift gears. We’ll wrap up our radio series and focus on a traveling live show. We’re trying to reach all corners of Milwaukee; we want to harness diverse energies to combat the problem of gun violence. Performers will bring their stories of gun violence directly into churches, schools, offices, and so on. We’ve tried this a few times already: most notably to a sold out audience at the Pabst Theater over the summer and recently at an event at the Rotary Club. We’re aiming to do 25 shows throughout 2017. Executive Producer Brad Lichtenstein spoke with a few of the performers about their experience sharing their stories, how their experiences change based on the crowd, and what they hope different audiences will gain from the live shows.

If you’re interested in learning more or booking an event, please email our Engagement Director Paul Kjelland: paul@371productions.com.


1 - Damien Smith performs at a Rotary Club luncheon on November 15th.

2 - Khary Penebaker shares his story of gun violence.


Photos courtesy of the Rotary Club of Milwaukee’s Facebook page.

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Precious Lives has collaborated with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Beyond the Bell, and the Volunteer Center of Greater Milwaukee to create a database of services, after school programming, and volunteer opportunities. You can find that guide here.