Episode | #088

The Crying Coach

If you feel like, uhhh I could be killed or taken away at any time for nothing then your reaction is to protect or attack….”

If you are between the ages of eight and 48, love basketball, and live in Milwaukee’s central city…. you’ve probably been a part of Warning’s basketball league. In June Warning had its first game of the season. Over 40 years old, the Warning basketball league is the third oldest in the nation. It’s a rite of passage. And for many youth, it’s the place to be over the summer. It’s cool to play in Warning - to wear the colored t-shirt representing your team. But last year was a rough year for the league. Two players died within the first week. Tariq Akbar, 14 and Giovonnie Cameron, 13. Both were fatally shot...

Eric Moore coached Giovonnie. Most of Coach Moore’s players grew up with Gio. And now, they are back for another Warning season.

Team Go Go Coach Eric Moore hopes for a victory this Warning basketball season, after losing player Giovonnie Cameron last year.

Photo credit: Calvin Mattheis, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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