Episode | #043

Should Guns Be Allowed Inside Campus Buildings?

Kremer pointed out that UWM is not a safe place… because it is in Milwaukee... is what the implication was. If you’re going to make a case about UWM being unsafe we ask that you actually look at the evidence because the evidence says the opposite.”

If you have your concealed carry permit in Wisconsin, it’s legal to carry a concealed weapon on a college campus. As long as you don’t step foot in a campus building. GOP Assemblyman Jesse Kremer and Sen. Devin LeMahieu have introduced the Campus Carry Act, a bill that would change that - allowing concealed guns in the classroom. They say it will make campuses safer from violent crime and mass shootings. Mike Sportiello, the President of the UW-Milwaukee Student Association does not think so. He says the campus is safe, so why introduce guns? It turns out not everyone on campus shares Mike’s view.

Competing posters in the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Student Union in response to the GOP proposed Campus Carry Act.

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