Episode | #078

Seeking Distance

“I think we're all affected from [gun violence], we're just affected in different adverse ways. For some, we find ourselves not wanting to stop at certain gas stations at night. Or we will change our way of travel. Or we won't stay as long to visit our loved one.”

Beverley Moore grew up amid gun violence in the inner city, but when she became a mom she made the decision to move to the suburbs because she worried about her son's safety. For the most part, Beverley found what she was looking for: a sense of peace and relaxation. But even now, guns are a fairly ubiquitous part of her life. Her friends have lost loved ones, her ex-husband’s job that keeps him in close proximity to violence, and the families she works with in the foster care system are often impacted by gun violence. Beverley recognizes that we’re all touched by gun violence, even when we try to seek distance from it.

Beverley Moore and her youngest children are relishing the peace of their summer.

Photo courtesy of Beverley Moore


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