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Robbery Trauma Leads Young Milwaukee Prosecutor to Leave Job to Heal

“After I was robbed it made me a lot better talking to victims and questioning victims. I knew just from being robbed it never goes back to being to be the same. And you know now I’m meeting with them kind of in the first weeks after their loved one was killed where it hasn't even sunk in and you know you want to help them but you can't give them back what they really want.”

Homicide prosecutors go to work and face grieving families. Often, before the weight of the loss has sunk in. After former homicide prosecutor Nicole Sheldon got robbed at gunpoint, the details of her cases reminded her of her own trauma.

As a confident young Milwaukee prosecutor used to dealing with violent criminals, Nicole Sheldon never expected to be a crime victim herself ­­ or the aftermath. Sheldon says therapy and yoga helped her work through the trauma of being robbed outside her Bay View home. She is now a partner in a yoga studio. Credit: Michael Sears | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

You just heard a story about former homicide prosecutor, Nicole Sheldon. Every year around the time she was robbed she writes a Facebook post. She recently found out that the man who robbed her ­his appeal was denied. You can listen to Nicole reading this post here.

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