Episode | #073

Preparing for a Career in Law Enforcement

Wherever I’m policing all I know is I’m responsible for that community and their problems are our problems now.”

Police Aides Sergio Rivera and Jada Greer grew up skeptical of police officers, and in communities where they weren’t phased by gunfire. And now, if they succeed in the police aide program, they might join a new class of officers who will be responding to violent scenarios around the city. Precious Lives spoke with them about why they’re motivated to join the force, and what kinds of officers they would like to be.

Sergio Rivera made news in 2014 when he became the first graduate of the city’s STOP (Students Talking it Over with Police) program to become a police aide. Precious Lives spoke with him Police Aide Jada Greer to learn why they’re enthusiastic about law enforcement.

Photos courtesy of the City of Milwaukee

Police Aides Sergio Rivera and Jada Greer


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