Episode | #049

Before He Pulled the Trigger

He had told his mom the day of this incident that he didn’t want to live any more. Nobody knows that he had just a big blow up with his mom that he didn’t want to live anymore.”

Grover Ferguson turned 18, just before he received a 50 year sentence in federal prison. He shot a 53 year old woman three times in the face. And stole her car. He told officers that he didn’t want to walk. And since he had a gun, he didn’t need to. He says got scared and pulled the trigger. These crimes leave families scarred physically and emotionally. That pain links the families of the victims and the perpetrators. But Grover’s cousin, James Ferguson saw a version of how it happened, that strangers don’t know. Starting with the day Grover was born.


Damien Smith and James Ferguson offered Grover Ferguson resources a few weeks before he received a 50 year sentences in federal prison for a carjacking, shooting (Photo courtesy of Ken Brown, Westcare Wisconsin)

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