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Planting A Legacy for Za’layia

“Each year we want [the garden] just to grow, and grow and grow.... Her little body can’t grow anymore so this is her body, and I want people to realize that. This is her sanctuary.”

Za’layia Jenkins’ mom Destiny Boone remembers Za'layia as a sassy, creative girl who loved to rap, write, and help take care of her younger siblings. Destiny is still wrapping her head around losing her daughter. Za’layia was the victim of a stray bullet that struck her during a shootout on May 5th, 2016. As the family copes with the loss of a child, Destiny’s Aunt Ramona is working to make sure Za’layia is never forgotten. Ramona Boone has paired up with the Peace Garden Project, run by Camille Mays, to establish the “Za’layia Legacy Garden.” The garden will honor all victims of gun violence and sit at 15th and Meinecke, across from where Za’layia was shot.

Ramona is busy planning, drumming up support, and seeking donations to help make her dream of a peace garden come to life. If you’d like to be part of this effort please contact Ramona Boone at rboone3382@gmail.com or visit the garden’s Go Fund Me site.

Za’layia’s mom Destiny talks about losing her daughter. Behind her is a poster of Za’layia, gifted by the funeral home where Za’layia was put to rest. She sits in a colorful, peaceful garden. This was the inspiration for Ramona Boone’s “Za’layia Legacy Garden.”

Ramona Boone’s initial sketch of her vision for the “Za’layia Legacy Garden.”


Photo Credit:

John Klein / For the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Drawing courtesy of Ramona Boone

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