Episode | #028

Minneapolis Has a Plan to Keep Young People Safe

This week Precious Lives travels to Minneapolis to see how they’ve achieved a dramatic reduction in the number of kids killed and hurt by gun violence. A decade ago the city had a problem much like Milwaukee’s.  But they believed they knew how to prevent it. So, they decided to make a plan... a blueprint for youth violence prevention. It’s made a huge difference for the city, and 22 year old Soldon Armstrong, who less than two years ago had just gotten out of prison and needed a new plan.

 You can find a link to the Minneapolis Blueprint for Action to Reduce Youth Violence plan here.

Sasha Cotton, Minneapolis Health Department’s Youth Violence Prevention Coordinator leading a Multi-Jurisdictional team meeting. (Photo by Mark Hoffman, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Soldon Armstrong, a youth violence consultant, at the North 4 project at EMERGE, a community development agency on May 18. (Photo by Mark Hoffman, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

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