Episode | #036

Meeting People Where They Are

“The men in our community need to see people that look like them, um amongst them, who have overcome the challenges, reaching back and helping to lift them up”

With the hundreds of organizations and agencies in Milwaukee devoted to curbing gun violence people still need help but don’t always know where to go to get it. Sometimes you have to knock on doors and show people what’s available. Precious Lives producer Emily Forman interviewed Terron Edwards and Dennis Walton about their approach to community development: helping men be better men and fathers. And how real changes comes from building capacity through leaders in neighborhoods.

Dennis Walton first encountered the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative when facing his own fatherhood issues. He’s no Co-Director and Outreach Coordinator for the Initiative. Photographer: Michael Sears

Terron Edwards goes door to door in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood to connect young men and boys with resources they need. He’s the Men’s Wellness Coordinator for Walnut Way. Photographer: John Klein

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