Episode | #044

Life After Lockup

“That’s not really a society that I think anybody in the community wants, somebody returning with that mentality that I’m going to do whatever I need to do to live. What we want, is to be able to have people be whole again in the community.”

The justice department just released about 6 thousand inmates early from prison. It’s the largest one time release of federal prisoners. Those who received too harsh sentencing related to drug crimes will get a second chance - reflecting recent, more lenient federal sentences for drug offenders. Eric Von spoke with three people who are intimately involved in the prison reentry process- Torre Johnson who is a Site Manager at Wisconsin Community Services, Wendel Hruska who is the Executive Director at Project Return, and De’von Williams who went through a jobs program at the Milwaukee Urban League. All who agree it’s about time… but wonder how this change will impact safety in communities.

Torre Johnson, Wendel Hruska, and De’von Williams have all been involved in prison reentry programs (photo by Paul Kjelland)

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