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How Milwaukee Faith Leaders Talk About Gun Violence

“While that served as a wake up call for him it also served as a wake up call for our congregation because we let him go. We didn’t hold tight enough to him that he found himself back in a circumstance where he could be a victim of violence again.”

Recently a young man was shot in Milwaukee. Hours after leaving the hospital, he showed up at All People’s Church in the Harambee neighborhood. He stood before the congregation and asked for help. He wondered why he had survived, and what he could do to change his life. Faith leaders see firsthand how violence impacts their community. They’re expected to provide answers to the difficult questions. We spoke with three pastors who lead congregations with different relationships to violence: Don Darius Butler, Gary Manning, and Steve Jerbi.

Next month, All People's Church expands their community outreach with the completion of The Harambee Kitchen - a total renovation at their Harambee campus to serve individuals and families in poverty. In collaboration with St. Vincent de Paul, 200-500 individuals will be served 5 nights a week. Contributions to the kitchen fund support this vital outreach for those in need: http://clo.do/2oal/.

Tabernacle Community Baptist Church will hold a Service of Prayer for Healing on Thursday, October 22 at 7:00 pm. 2500 W. Medford Avenue. 

For the past eight years, Trinity Church, along with St. James' Church on Wisconsin Avenue, have partnered together to provide clothing for the homeless, near homeless and working poor of Milwaukee, through the Red Door Clothes store. Over the years thousands upon thousands of articles of clothing have been distributed. Donations of clothing (and in particular, men's clothing and winter coats) are accepted year around at Trinity Episcopal Church, 1717 Church Street, Wauwatosa, WI.

Milwaukee faith leaders Don Darius Butler, Gary Manning, and Steve Jerbi encounter challenges counseling congregants through experience with violence. Photo credit: Paul Kjelland

The Rev. Steve Jerbi comforts Maria Hamilton before a demonstration in Milwaukee’s Red Arrow Park where her 31 year old son, Dontre Hamilton had been shot by a police officer weeks before. ANNYSA JOHNSON/AJOHNSON@JOURNALSENTINEL.COM  

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