Episode | #042

Hiring for Youth Violence Prevention

But I just want to say this, this current budget proposal with this two positions for the youth violence… I don’t want anyone listening to be mistaken that this in itself is a plan. This is two positions.”

Cities across the US that have enacted comprehensive violence prevention plans have seen dramatic reductions in violence. Minneapolis, Minnesota is one example. Precious Lives traveled there for a previous episode and learned that success hinges on city-wide collaboration, from government agencies and major non-profits, to businesses and grassroots initiatives.

Now, local Milwaukee leaders are considering how other cities’ best practices could work here. The mayor’s 2016 proposed budget includes two new Health Department positions - someone to manage and someone to coordinate a Youth Violence Prevention Initiative.

Executive Producer Brad Lichtenstein had a conversation with Alders Milele Coggs, Ashanti Hamilton, and Nik Kovac about two proposed positions within the health department to focus on youth violence prevention.

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