Episode | #052

He’s more than a mentor, he’s my pops.

And everything run in the family. Your family drug dealers and thugs, that’s all that’s going to run in the family. I ain’t saying nothing against they families, because one of the families is mine.”

When it comes to youth violence prevention - consistent, reliable, caring adults play a big role. A mentor can lighten the load of a single mom raising three boys while working 16 hour shifts. Making it more likely that kids enroll in college, and less likely that they use drugs, or pick up a gun.

The Running Rebels Community Organization is a youth center with ping pong, a basketball team, a recording studio. Here, mentors work around the clock to keep young people safe.

Capollo Free (left) mentors 18 year old Desmond Parker (right) through carpentry project at the Running Rebels Community Organization (photo credit Emily Forman)

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