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Foundation for a Turnaround

“At the risk of sounding too simplistic, I don’t think this is something we can’t get our hands around very quickly. I do believe that we have a number of groups across the city who are deeply concerned about this issue, that are working hard at it each and every day, and if we can all get on the same page and in a coordinated fashion operate this system wide, city wide, I think we can see a great deal of success.”

Our Precious Lives series on children and gun violence in Milwaukee has featured the stories of many individuals and families that have been profoundly affected.  We have also introduced you to some organizations that are working to intervene, and make a difference in stopping the violence.

But when it comes to the legal system, we might envision the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office playing a narrowly defined role – prosecuting the perpetrators of that violence.  But the reality is more nuanced.  Kent Lovern has been a prosecutor for 18 years.  Today, he’s the chief deputy district attorney for Milwaukee County.

For this week’s installment of Precious Lives, Lovern talks with Brad Lichtenstein of 371 Productions about the view of gun violence from the perspective of the DA’s office.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern hopes the new Family Justice Center at 6th and Walnut Streets will help families recover from domestic violence (photo by Emily Forman).

Additional Precious Lives content can be found on our media partner pages: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WUWM, WisconsinWatch.

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Precious Lives has collaborated with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Beyond the Bell, and the Volunteer Center of Greater Milwaukee to create a database of services, after school programming, and volunteer opportunities. You can find that guide here.