Episode | #061

Firefighter copes with trauma of gun violence, compartmentalization is key

You’re there to do it and there’s no one else. You have to get it done so, with our job we’re there we’re in and we’re out and we just kind of disassociate.” Lance Johnson

You might remember Nicole Sheldon from a previous Precious Lives episode. She was robbed at gunpoint in front of her home. Then had to leave her dream job as a Milwaukee County homicide prosecutor in order to heal. Her husband Lance Johnson regularly encounters gun violence through his work as a Milwaukee firefighter. He been doing that for 14 years. And several times in their relationship, their work lives have collided.

CREDIT: Michael Sears | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

CAPTION: Lance Johnson of the Milwaukee Fire Department's dive team is pictured Friday at his station house on the corner of 1st and Virginia streets.

Emergency response departments that are in need of Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) support should contact the Sinai Samaritan Medical Center (414) 219-2000.

Personnel should identify the department that they are calling from, state that they are requesting CISM services, and would like to speak with someone from TIR (Traumatic Incident Resource).



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