Episode | #072

Fighting for the right to grow up

“I want it to stop being violent in this country. Well, I’m gonna have to be the president if I want that.”

On the evening of May 5th, 2016 shots rang out between two rival groups on the 1500 block of West Meinecke Avenue. After more than 40 rounds were fired, the only known victim was nine-year old Za’Layia Jenkins, who was shot in the head. She had been watching TV inside when the shots began. Za’layia was declared brain dead a week and a half later, the day before her 10th birthday. When something like this happens, other kids are left thinking about their future. Precious Lives spoke to four young people of varying ages, all of whom are growing up in the neighborhood where Za’layia was shot.

The May 17th rally to honor Za’layia Jenkins on her 10th birthday broke out into a block party, with kids in the neighborhood finding joy and laughter in a game of double dutch.


CREDIT: Emily Forman

Kids playing double dutch outside of the home where Za’Layia Jenkins was shot.

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