Episode | #060

Despite leadership changes, youth center remains safe haven for Riverwest, Harambee youth

“One of the things that we do really well that draws the kids in and keeps them there is we provide physically and emotionally safe places for the kids to just be kids.” (Leslie Quevedo)

Our first Precious Lives interview took place at the Holton Youth and Family Center. We set out to explore how gun violence impacts youth in Milwaukee. And we met many teens during Holton’s after school program with stories and insights. And although plenty know violence firsthand, Holton always provided an alternative. A safe place to have fun. Since then another youth center, COA Youth and Family Centers has stepped in to keep afterschool programming running. Precious Lives Host Eric Von spoke with Holton Youth and Family Center Director Greg Reinholt and COA’s Youth Development Director Leslie Quevedo about their vision for this next phase.

Credit: Michelle Maternowski | WUWM

Caption: Greg Reinholt, Director of Holton Youth and Family Center and Leslie Quevedo COA’s Director of Youth Programming will usher HYFC into a new phase, which will include greater emphasis on teen programming. Exterior of the Holton Youth and Family Center in Riverwest. Photo provided by COA Youth & Family Centers.


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