Episode | #057

Can a Haircut Prevent Youth Violence?

“A haircut you feel better, it’s transformative... You come in a barbershop one way. And you leave out another way. When you feel a different way you act a different way. You feel respected, you feel respectable.” (Damien Smith)

Last week, the 67th Crime Prevention Awards honored many Milwaukeeans. A block watch captain, chaplains, police officers, and a barber. Rocksteady Barbershop and Salon owner Aaron Blathers offers youth free haircuts through a program called Barbershop Mondays. A program that fosters intergenerational conversation and connections - key pieces in preventing youth violence.

Safe & Sound’s Barbershop Mondays provides free haircuts every Monday for youth and men. In exchange attendees are added to a call list for community service. (Photo by Maddy Power).

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