Episode | #093

Behind the Gun Violence Beat

“To be honest when I pitch the project to someone I’m interested in talking to and you say ‘gun violence,’ it does put a shade and a narrowness to the conversation. And from that point on it’s a challenge to broaden that out.”

This is Precious Lives episode 93. We’re almost at our goal of telling 100 stories about gun violence and young people in Milwaukee. We’ve covered the family members who have lost loved ones, the activists fighting to make the city better, and the political leaders overseeing it all. Each week, we ask our interview subjects to be emotionally honest with us as we try to understand the problem of gun violence. This week, the microphones are turned on our reporters. Emily Forman and Aisha Turner produce the radio series. And Ashley Luthern writes companion pieces for the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel. This week, they let people in on what it’s like to cover this beat.

A quick note about the future: the media portion of Precious Lives is ending, but the conversation around gun violence will continue. Here’s how you can stay involved:

--Get in touch if you’d like more information about the upcoming series of live shows

--Keep sending your story pitches to Ashley Luthern

--Please continue to follow coverage and send ideas to WUWM and WNOV

Additional Precious Lives content can be found on our media partner pages: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WUWM, WisconsinWatch.

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Precious Lives has collaborated with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Beyond the Bell, and the Volunteer Center of Greater Milwaukee to create a database of services, after school programming, and volunteer opportunities. You can find that guide here.