Episode | #101

A Search for Answers: The Precious Lives Finale

“Are these really the answers we were looking for? I think no matter what answers or responses we get it’s not going to be good enough. Laylah is still gone.”

This is the final episode of Precious Lives. And for our final story we thought we’d return to the first family we met - the family of Laylah Petersen. Two years ago we interviewed Ashley Fogl and Amanda Legler. Milwaukee has come to know Laylah as the 5 year old girl who was shot and killed while sitting on her grandfather’s lap. To Ashley, Laylah was a daughter; to Amanda, a goddaughter. In the two years since losing Laylah, they have been left with lots of questions. Mostly, why? Why did this happen?

Our final episode of Precious Lives returns to those questions. We learn from three Milwaukee Police Department detectives -- Rose Marie Galindo, Kathy Spano, and Erik Villareal -- how they managed to untangle a web of close social relationships and sort through confusing details to get answers for the family.

This is a story of shoe-leather detective work, a family trying to cope, and a city still in the grips of gun violence.

Ashley Fogl and Amanda Legler - Laylah’s mother and godmother - speak with Precious Lives.

Carl Barrett is sentenced for first degree reckless homicide on December 1, 2016.


Credits: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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